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Computer Program Services

Computer Program Services (CPS) is dedicated to knowledge sharing and preservation for nuclear science and technology, with a focus on computer programs within the NEA Data Bank.

Our mission

  • to collect, test and distribute computer programs
  • to organise training courses on the most popular computer programs
  • to preserve and distribute integral experiment data, databases, processed libraries, benchmark and NEA safety joint projects.

Computer programs

The NEA Data Bank computer program collection covers a wide range of applications for nuclear science and technology. The computer program collection is continuously evolving as the CPS receives new material, and updates and tests existing material.

What can be found here?

Some legacy books are also available. See the list here.

Training courses

CPS organises training courses on widely used computer programs for nuclear science and technology. You can find:

Integral experiment data, benchmarks and safety joint projects

Integral experiment data and benchmarks are updated by the NEA Division of Nuclear Science and distributed by the CPS (see the list here).

Completed NEA Safety joint projects under the auspices of the NEA Division of Nuclear Safety Technology and Regulation are archived and distributed by the CPS (see the list here). They are labelled "CSNI" (the acronym for Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations).

Please note that restrictions apply to all of these packages. You can:

The CCVM (CSNI Code Validation Matrix) have dedicated pages:

Last modified: 08 August 2022