Learning and tools
Train with the NEA

The NEA supports the maintenance and development of essential skills capabilities, particularly through education and training in nuclear law, radiological protection and in encouraging students to pursue careers in the nuclear field by proposing a multinational framework among interested countries to maintain and build skills capabilities. Read more

Databases, programs and tools

The NEA helps member countries to pool and maintain their technical expertise and human infrastructure, and support their nuclear activities, by assessing developments in the state of the art, documenting experiments and maintaining databases across a range that serves the needs of technical specialists, decision makers, opinion leaders and stakeholders.

As such, the NEA aims to serve as the premier international centre of reference for basic nuclear tools, such as computer codes and nuclear data, used for the analysis and prediction of phenomena in the nuclear field; and to provide a direct service to its users by making such tools available on request and by offering the means and methods needed to support their development, application and validation.

Learn online

The Computer Program Service organises training courses and workshops on the widely used computer programs, including MCNP® (Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code) and SCALE (A Comprehensive Modeling and Simulation Suite for Nuclear Safety Analysis and Design). Additional training courses on nuclear data processing and thermodynamic data collection and assessment are organised by the NEA Data Bank.