NEA Workshop on Stakeholder Involvement in Nuclear Decision Making

Summary Report

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Because nuclear issues are embedded in broader societal issues such as the environment, energy, risk management, health policy and sustainability, they can often generate considerable interest and concern. Actors involved in the nuclear energy sector, including regulators, governments and licensees, share the goal of reaching accepted, sustainable decisions and to ensure that the decision-making process is transparent. Stakeholder involvement in decision making is today seen as an essential means for improving decisions and for optimising their implementation.

In this context, the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) organised a Workshop on Stakeholder Involvement in Nuclear Decision Making in January 2017, acknowledging that different countries and sectors may face similar challenges and that sharing experiences and approaches could be useful. The workshop was an opportunity to bring together experts with first-hand knowledge and experience in areas related to nuclear law, regulatory practices, radiological protection, nuclear waste management, the deployment of new nuclear facilities, extended operation of nuclear facilities, deployment of other energy technologies and infrastructures, and social and traditional media.

This summary report attempts to capture the collective wisdom generated over three days of interaction. It highlights some commonalities and differences in views and approaches, and identifies particular lessons that can be applied to improve the strategy and practice of involving stakeholders in decision making. Overall, the learning gained from this workshop can benefit governments and citizens alike.