BEMUSE Phase IV Report: Simulation of a LB-LOCA in Zion Nuclear Power Plant – Appendices A to D

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The Best-estimate Methods – Uncertainty and Sensitivity Evaluation (BEMUSE) programme, promoted by the Working Group on Accident Management and Analysis (WGAMA) and endorsed by the Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI), represents an important step towards reliable application of high-quality best-estimate and uncertainty and sensitivity evaluation methods. The application of these methods to a large-break loss-of-coolant accident (LB-LOCA) constitutes the main activity of the programme.

The scope of Phase IV of the BEMUSE programme is the simulation of a LB-LOCA in a nuclear power plant using experience gained in Phase II. Calculation results will be the basis for uncertainty evaluation, to be performed in the next phase. Objectives are to simulate a LB-LOCA reproducing the phenomena associated with the scenario, and to have a common, well-documented basis for the execution of the uncertainty evaluation step in Phase V.

This document includes Appendices A to D of the main report.