Safety of Long-term Interim Storage Facilities: Workshop Proceedings

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The NEA’s Working Group on Fuel Cycle Safety (WGFCS), in co-operation with the Working Group on Fuel Safety (WGFS), aimed within the current international workshop to advance the understanding within NEA member countries of safety of long-term interim storage across the whole of the nuclear fuel cycle by bringing together and discussing the strategies and practices of storing high level waste and spent nuclear fuels.

The workshop was held in Munich, Germany on 21-23 May 2013, and was hosted by Gesellschaft für Anlagen und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) mbH. The discussions brought a coherent view of good practice for sustainable storage of radioactive materials within a regulated framework that should be used as guidance for operators and regulators within all phases of the nuclear fuel cycle. The current proceedings provide a summary of the results of the workshop with the text of the papers given and presentations made.