International Iodine Workshop: Full Proceedings

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The workshop objectives relative to reviewing and discussing the state-of-the-art knowledge of iodine and ruthenium behaviour in NPP accidents gained through research projects and progress made in the related modelling were well fulfilled. In addition, highlighting remaining open issues and assessing their coverage through on-going and planned research activities was well considered with, in particular, discussions concerning the NEA BIP (Behaviour of Iodine Project)-3, STEM-2 and THAI-3 follow-on proposals and recommendations for future work. The workshop also contributed, and will continue contributing through publication of the summary report, to knowledge sharing and dissemination in the field.

However, contributions concerning applications of research results for improving accident analyses and management were limited in number and scope. This led workshop experts to formulate recommendations to foster international exchanges and actions to assess more thoroughly implications of progress on ST research for NPP accident management; in addition to this, recommendations were also made for further investigations on some technical issues.