TDB Project Publications - Chemical Thermodynamics Series
Stack of books. Photo: Alfons Morales/Unsplash

The Chemical Thermodynamics Series comprises review reports dealing with data selection for particular elements or groups of elements and state-of-the-art reports focusing on the application of chemical thermodynamics to particular systems of interest in radioactive waste management.

The NEA Thermochemical Database (TDB) project has so far published fourteen review reports and one state-of-the-art report. These review books are indispensable when using the selected TDB data, as they contain detailed information about which data sources were used in the selection procedure, how the selection was done, and information about areas where more experimental data are needed. The use of the selected data without these publications is not recommended.

The state-of-the-art report published as Volume 10 of the TDB series concerns the chemical thermodynamics of solid solutions.

Please note that the TDB-2 guidelines for the extrapolation of redox potentials to zero ionic strength were updated in 2013 to align with the IUPAC definition for the standard state (Green Book 2nd edition, Chap. 2.11.iv, page 53): "The standard state for a solute in a liquid or solid solution is referenced to the ideal dilute behaviour of the solute. It is the (hypothetical) state of solute B at the standard molality m◦, standard pressure p◦ and exhibiting infinitely dilute solution behaviour". More information can be found here.

All books published between 2001-2008 follow the old TDB-2 guidelines.

Publications and reports