Advanced reactor systems

The nuclear sector is working on reactors of the future that will be more reliable, cost-effective and safe to effectively integrate in tomorrow's energy and electricity systems.

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NEA work on this topic

The NEA is currently analysing to what extent reactors under development today, for instance small modular reactors or Generation IV reactor designs, could address the future energy market needs and conditions, as well as possible new environmental and regulatory constraints.

A key part of ongong work involves the forecast of what future energy and electricity markets may look like, which includes an in-depth understanding of their technical needs. The NEA has assembled the insights of a number of experts from industry (vendors, utilities), research institutes, regulators, grid operators, energy analysts and economists,
renewable energy experts and international organisations.

The NEA Committee for Technical and Economic Studies on Nuclear Energy Development and the Fuel Cycle (NDC) oversees this work and advises decision makers and policy makers on the state of the art and latest trends in nuclear technology.