Capacity building and gender
Photo: NEA

In capacity building and gender balance, a key goal is to attract and retain more women in the technology and science fields by promoting education and development in those areas.

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Many NEA member countries seek to attract and retain more women in the technology and physical sciences fields, as well as improve their conditions and prospects at every stage of their education and development. In support of these efforts, the NEA is working with its members to explore new and creative approaches to improve gender balance in the nuclear science and technology arena.

As part of this priority, the NEA has held its international mentoring workshops since 2017, with a view to support its members in their efforts to secure qualified human resources, nuclear skills capability building and the development of a new generation of nuclear experts. Since the first workshop in 2017, two more were held in 2018 and three in 2019 in Japan, Russia and Spain.

Additionally, the NEA held a web chat on 28 May 2020 called: "How do we encourage more women to enter the nuclear science and technology field?", which brought together a leadership panel and a new generation panel. Speakers from both panels shared their personal experiences in nuclear science and technology. Then, they explored how governments, research bodies and the private sector can help improve the representation of women in all spheres of the nuclear sector.