Expert Group on the Implications of Radiological Protection Science (EGIS)

At the same time as national interest in radiological protection science seems to be growing, particularly in areas such as the effects of low-dose and chronic exposures, national scientific infrastructures necessary to address such questions seem to be shrinking. Preliminary discussion of the new CRPPH Collective Opinion identified that developments in these and other radiological protection science studies could potentially have key mid- and long-term influences on radiological protection policy, regulation and application. In order to most effectively utilise national and international resources, the committee agreed to establish an expert group, under the direction of the EGCO, to focus on science at the service of mid- and long-term policy needs.

The CRPPH agreed that EGIS should survey currently ongoing projects in radiological protection science, and discuss the possible implications that their results could provoke. This should focus on projects expected to yield results in the short-term, the coming three to ten years. Based on this survey, the group should attempt to identify scientific questions that need to be answered in order to support the making or evolution of policy decisions. This should focus on longer-term projects, more in the ten to thirty year time frame. The 1998 publication Developments in Radiation Health Science and their Impact on Radiation Protection was used as a starting point. In finalising its final report in 2007, the EGIS completed its mandate and disbanded.