2020 ISOE International Symposium

The European Technical Centre of the Information System on Occupational Exposure (ISOE) is pleased to organize, in collaboration with and the support of Electricité de France (EDF), the 2020 ISOE International Symposium on Occupational Exposure Management at Nuclear Facilities.
The Symposium will be held in Tours, France, from the 20th to the 22nd of October 2020. It is co-sponsored by the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
The Symposium is targeted at all those concerned with radiological protection at nuclear power plants: radiation protection managers and staff members, maintenance and operation planners, contractors, exposed workers, regulatory body representatives and international organisations. It is also opened to research reactors and professionals from other nuclear fuel cycle installations sharing common radiological protection issues.
Dealing with occupational radiation protection at the design, operation and decommissioning stages of installations, as well as accident situations, this new meeting point of radiation protection professionals under the heading of ISOE will be a great opportunity to share, at the international level, experiences and practices favouring a continuous improvement of radiation protection.
Furthermore, the accompanying Technical Exhibition will give participants the opportunity to see the latest developments from industrial and commercial companies active in fields of radiation protection.

Programme Committee Members

Lucie D'ASCENZO                         ISOE ETC, CEPN – France
Laure-Anne BELTRAMI                 ISOE ETC, CEPN – France
Borut BREZNIK                              Krško NPP – Slovenia
Aude GENIAUX                              ASN – France
Monika FÁRNÍKOVÁ                      Temelin NPP – Czech Republic
Swen-Gunnar JAHN                      ENSI – Switzerland
Timo KONTIO                                 Loviisa NPP – Finland
Jizeng MA                                       IAEA
Francesco MANCINI                     SOGIN – Italy
Hans MEIJER                                 Borssele NPP – Netherlands
David MILLER                                 ISOE NATC, University of Illinois – USA
Guy RENN                                       Sizewell B NPP – United Kingdom
Caroline SCHIEBER                       ISOE ETC, CEPN – France
Thorsten STAHL                            GRS – Germany
Torgny SVEDBERG                        Ringhals NPP – Sweden
Philippe WEICKERT                       EDF UNIE-GPEX – France

Conference Language

The conference language will be English.

Symposium Venue

The Symposium will take place at:
Palais des Congrès de Tours
26 Boulevard Heurteloup
37000 Tours