NEA workshop on Stakeholder Involvement: Risk Communication

Nuclear safety regulators, government officials, nuclear facility operators, and other nuclear energy actors have roles and responsibilities in sharing scientific, technical or regulatory information with their stakeholders. This includes sharing radiological risk-related information with the general public and other stakeholders.

To support its member countries in improving the effectiveness of their risk communication activities, the Nuclear Energy Agency will host its 2nd Workshop on Stakeholder Involvement with a focus on risk communication.

Objectives and Scope

The workshop will provide an opportunity for NEA member countries to share perspectives and document lessons learnt in risk communication.

The goal is to better understand tools and approaches that foster dialogues towards a shared understanding of radiological risks, and to identify opportunities for improvement.


The workshop will be highly interactive, offering plenary presentations, dialogues, and moderated panel discussions. The outcomes will be compiled into a publically available report.

It will draw upon the expertise and applications across multiple domains of NEA work, including the Committee on Radiological Protection and Public Health (CRPPH), the Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities, the Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations, the Radioactive Waste Management Committee, the Nuclear Law Committee, and the Nuclear Development Committee.


The workshop will bring together regulators, government agencies, operators and representative stakeholders over the span of three days.

Participation is open to members of the NEA technical committees and subsidiary bodies; experts in radiological risk, risk communication and social sciences; and stakeholders. The programme committee will also seek participation from other sectors and organisations.