IRPhE primary documentation
Example of Dragon data in IRPHE-DRAGON-DPR

International Reactor Physics Benchmark Experiments (IRPhE) Project

Primary documentation and other benchmarks

Recently added primary documentation archives (Last update December 2008)

  • IRPHE/B&W-SS-LATTICE, Spectral Shift Reactor Lattice Experiments
  • IRPHE-JAPAN, Reactor Physics Experiments carried out in Japan
  • IRPHE/JOYO MK-II, JOYO MK-II core management and characteristics database
  • IRPhE/RRR-SEG, Reactor Physics Experiments from Fast-Thermal Coupled Facility
  • IRPHE-SNEAK, KFK SNEAK Fast Reactor Experiments, Primary Documentation
  • IRPhE/STEK, Reactor Physics Experiments from Fast-Thermal Coupled Facility
  • IRPHE-ZEBRA, AEEW Fast Reactor Experiments, Primary Documentation
  • IRPHE-DRAGON-DPR, OECD High Temperature Reactor Dragon Project, Primary Documents
  • IRPHE-HTR-ARCH-01, Archive of HTR Primary Documents
  • IRPHE/AVR, AVR High Temperature Reactor Experience, Archival Documentation
  • IRPHE-KNK-II-ARCHIVE, KNK-II fast reactor documents, power history and measured parameters
  • IRPhE/BERENICE, effective delayed neutron fraction measurements
  • IRPhE-TAPIRO-ARCHIVE, fast neutron source reactor primary documents, reactor physics experiments

Other benchmarks in reactor physics (coupled neutronics/thermal-hydraulics - coupling core-plant)

  • ZZ 3DLWRCT, 3-D LWR Rod Ejection and Rod Withdrawal Benchmarks
  • ZZ BFBT, OECD/NEA-US/NRC NUPEC BWR Full-size Fine-mesh Bundle Tests Benchmark
  • ZZ BWRSB-FORSMARKS, Stability Benchmark Data from BWR FORSMARKS 1 and 2
  • ZZ BWRSB-RINGHALS1, Stability Benchmark Data from BWR RINGHALS-1
  • ZZ BWRTT, BWR Turbine Trip Transient Benchmark Based on Peach-Bottom 2
  • ZZ PBMR-400: PBMR Coupled Neutronics/Thermal Hydraulics Transient Benchmark
  • ZZ PWR-MSLB, PWR Main Steam-Line Break Benchmarks, Coupled Neutronics Thermal-Hydraulics
  • ZZ V1000CT-1 VVER-1000 Main Coolant Pump (MCP) Switching On Benchmark
  • ZZ WPPR Pu Recycling Benchmark Results
  • ZZ UAM-LWR Uncertainty Analysis in Modelling, Coupled Multi-physics and Multi-scale LWR analysis


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