Joint NEA-IAEA meeting on electrical power systems

Joint NEA-IAEA meeting on electrical power systems, December 2019

Joint NEA-IAEA meeting on electrical power systems, 2‑5 December 2019

The NEA Working Group on Electrical Power Systems (WGELEC) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) organised a joint Technical Meeting on the Management of Direct Current Power Systems and Application of New Devices in Safety Electrical Power Systems on 2‑5 December 2019 in Vienna, Austria. The meeting attracted 52 participants from 24 countries and featured 30 technical presentations. During the topical sessions, the participants discussed the safety of direct current power systems and the challenges associated with introducing new electronic and digital devices in safety power systems. Meeting proceedings are currently in preparation and will include the summary of each session, presentations, meeting conclusions and recommendations. The WGELEC plans to hold another technical workshop in collaboration with the IAEA in October 2020 on the "Experiences with the Solutions Implemented to Identify and Manage Open Phase Conditions".

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