What is JANIS?

JANIS (Java-based nuclear information software) is a display program designed to facilitate the visualisation and manipulation of nuclear data. Its objective is to allow the user of nuclear data to access numerical values and graphical representations without prior knowledge of the storage format. It offers maximum flexibility for the comparison of different nuclear data sets.

JANIS will be helpful to engineers and physicists who use nuclear data for their applications. Its powerful and user-friendly navigation tools make it particularly suitable for educational purposes.

Which data?

Bibliographical (CINDA), Evaluated (ENDF format) and experimental data (EXFOR format) such as:

  • Decay data,
  • Fission yields,
  • Interaction data: resonance parameters, cross-sections (pointwise and multi-group data), neutron multiplicities, energy distributions, angular distributions, energy-angle distributions, cross-sections uncertainties.

All such data are available through the nuclear data centres network. JANIS users can easily build their own databases starting from any ENDF formatted file or from GENDF libraries. Search capabilities are included for resonance data, decay data and experimental data. Various options for the manipulation of cross-sections (linear combinations, products and ratios of data sets and group averaging) are also available. JANIS was developed using Java technology, as it offers a powerful and portable graphical package. It runs on almost all computer operating systems (Linux, Unix, Windows, Macintosh...).

System requirements

JANIS is developed in Java, so is platform independent. It is developed under Windows but tested under Linux and Mac OS X as well.

JANIS can be used with Java version 5 or later, the latest version is recommended as it improve speed and ergonomy (better integration with operating system).

Who produced JANIS?

JANIS was developed by the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency and Aquitaine Electronique Informatique. As the successor of JEF-PC (a software developed in the 1990s by the NEA, CSNSM-Orsay and the University of Birmingham), JANIS benefits from the feedback of hundreds of users in the nuclear data community. JANIS is distributed free of charge.

How to cite JANIS

N. Soppera, M. Bossant, E. Dupont, "JANIS 4: An Improved Version of the NEA Java-based Nuclear Data Information System", Nuclear Data Sheets, Volume 120, June 2014, Pages 294-296.


You can use this reference (and references therein) for the software and for the data in general. However, if you have used specific nuclear data libraries, e.g. Nubase or JEFF-3.3, please cite those as well.

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