International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology

Since the first symposium in Harwell, UK in 1978, the series of International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology (ND Conference) have been the primary conference concerning nuclear data and its applications, both scientific and technical. Nuclear data is a comprehensive field connecting fundamental physics and nuclear applications, which has been an essential part in the development of peaceful use of nuclear energy. In light of the increasing role of nuclear data in diverse fields of research and application, ND has grown to address many active scientific and technical fields, including:

  • fundamental nuclear physics;
  • astrophysics;
  • nuclear data measurements;
  • nuclear power and energy;
  • nuclear medicine;
  • nuclear non-proliferation;
  • nuclear safety;
  • nuclear education;
  • public acceptance, and more.

The ND conferences were first organised as a US national meeting in Washington, D.C., before becoming an international event sponsored by NEA. The conferences are now co-sponsored by the NEA Nuclear Science Committee and the International Atomic Energy Agency. The conferences are held every three years and the list of locations is provided below:


Location Year Note
California, United States 2022  
Beijing, China 2019  
Bruges, Belgium 2016 EPJ Web of Conferences Volume 146 (2017) Proceedings
New York, USA 2013  
Jeju, Korea 2010  
Nice, France 2007 EDP Sciences Open Access Proceedings 978-2-7598-0090-2
Santa Fe, United States 2004  
Tsukuba, Japan 2001  
Trieste, Italy 1997  
Gatlinburg, United States 1994  
Jülich, Germany 1991  
Mito, Japan 1988  
Santa Fe, United States 1985  
Antwerp, Belgium 1982  
Harwell, United Kingdom 1978
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