Nuclear safety culture

NEA Working Group on Safety Culture (WGSC) meeting, 29‑31 October 2019

NEA Working Group on Safety Culture (WGSC) meeting, 29‑31 October 2019.

The NEA Working Group on Safety Culture (WGSC) met on 29‑31 October 2019 to advance its ongoing work on examining methods of self‑reflection and self‑assessment by regulatory bodies on their safety culture, including interactions with licensees. The WGSC continues to catalogue existing good practices and materials on training, as well as practices/approaches on safety culture competence building. Working group members examined the results from a survey distributed earlier this year and created the initial draft report categorising and describing the various methods employed by member countries in these two areas. With a deep appreciation for the open and high level of exchanges of practices among regulators, the group continues to work towards finalising these practical products for the enhancement of safety culture within regulatory body. It is also exploring future work on the impact of regulatory bodies on licensed entities, and leaders in the nuclear community.

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