International Conference on Topical Issues in Nuclear Installation Safety: Strengthening Safety of Evolutionary and Innovative Reactor Designs (TIC2022)

The IAEA International Conferences on Topical Issues in Nuclear Installation Safety (TIC) are organised periodically bringing together nuclear safety regulators, plant designers and operators, technical support organisations and other stakeholders from interested member countries, as well as other international organisations to discuss current practices and challenges related to nuclear installation safety.

The purpose of the conference is to foster the exchange of information on wide-ranging aspects, capturing the progress and challenges in safety and licensing of evolutionary and innovative reactor designs.

The Conference aims to generate an increased understanding of the safety approaches and practices used in evolutionary and innovative reactor design and their licensing strategies. Specifically, the conference is focused on the safe use of the evolutionary and innovative technologies in relation to fuel, plant systems and components, materials and design concepts (e.g. covering both water-cooled and non-water cooled reactors, including SMRs and microreactors).

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