Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion (JEFF) Nuclear Data Week 2022


The NEA Data Bank Nuclear Data Service (NDS) organised the Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion (JEFF) Nuclear Data Week (NDW) on 25-29 April 2022. The meetings took place in a hybrid mode and were attended by over 100 participants, with one third of participants on site at the OECD Conference Centre.

Technical sessions covered a wide range of topics including reviews of state-of-the-art neutron experiment data, the most recent nuclear reaction data evaluations, and efforts to validate the next version of the JEFF data library. Delegates showed results from modelling and simulation using the JEFF-4.0T1 library, which was finalised in March 2022.

Since November 2021, the JEFF project has been organising monthly technical workshops on topics ranging from perturbation methods for uncertainty quantification to application data for activation and transmutation. The JEFF Co-ordination Group reviewed the detailed action proposals from these workshops and agreed a schedule of follow-up events for 2022 before the Fall 2022 JEFF conference. These will include a workshop on integral experiment selection for official validation, adjustment methods for user-specific applications, and a hackathon to integrate the data pipelines from delegates into the new "JEFFlab", a working area within the NEA GitLab system. The Co-ordination Group members reviewed and evaluated four proposals for the hosting of the Nuclear Data for Science and Technology 2025 conference.

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