Summary of the NEA Workshop on Competency Management of Regulators (COMAREG)

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The NEA organised a Workshop on Competency Management of regulators for the broad discussion of the challenges regarding the competency of regulators in the areas of radioactive waste management, decommissioning and legacy management. On 4 January 2019, the NEA issued the Results from the RWMC Regulator’s Forum (RF) Survey on Gaining and Maintaining Competencies for the Regulator (NEA/RWM/RF(2019)1. In the document, some conclusions were made regarding future challenges in competency management. Based on these conclusions, the RF decided to organise such a workshop in order to discuss how to prepare for future tasks and challenges in competency management and to ensure that regulatory bodies are necessarily fed and fed by the right skills and abilities for future work.

The Workshop was initiated and led by the RF, and other interested NEA STCs are invited to participate and contribute: CRPPH, CSNI/ CRNA and NSC (NEST). Also, the NEA invited international organisations, the EC, IAEA (SITEX, WENRA, ENSTTI ) and others to participate.

This document is a summary of the COMAREG activity.