Maximising Uranium Mining’s Social and Economic Benefits: A Guide for Stakeholders

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The transformative activity of mining has numerous economic, social and environmental impacts that can be both positive and adverse for communities, ecosystems and economies. As the uranium industry begins to address negative perceptions and legacies associated with past activities, environmental, socioeconomic and governance aspects of the uranium mining life cycle are gaining increased attention from investors, communities, regulators and other stakeholders.

While environmental and human health and safety concerns often dominate stakeholder engagement programmes and public conversations about uranium operations, less public discussion and analytical research are typically devoted to the socio-economic aspects. This was the basis for this report.

Through an examination of case studies from several countries the aim is to clarify how the numerous activities related to uranium mining affect various aspects of socio-economic development – including employment, supply chain investments, exports, taxes and royalties, innovation, infrastructure, education and medical care. This report’s inventory of leading practices is intended to inform public debate on uranium mine development and provide policymakers with a framework of approaches to maximise the social and economic benefits of uranium mining projects.

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