NEA Data Bank training: Introduction to FLUKA.CERN and SERPENT-2


Participants of the FLUKA.CERN course, November 2023

In November 2023, the NEA Data Bank held two beginner level courses at the NEA heaquarters in Paris, France. First, on FLUKA.CERN, took place on 6-10 November 2023 and gathered 20 participants from 8 countries. It was instructed by the code development team of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN). The FLUKA code is a general purpose Monte Carlo code for the interaction and transport of hadrons, leptons, and photons from keV (with the exception of neutrons, tracked down to thermal energies) to cosmic ray energies in any material. The training consisted of a series of lectures and exercises, carefully crafted to allow a novice user to master the basic operation of FLUKA and its powerful graphical user interface Flair. 


Participants of the SERPENT-2 course, November 2023 

The second course, on SERPENT-2, gathered 20 participants from 10 countries on 14-17 November 2023. Organised for the first time, this beginner level course featured lectures, examples, and practical exercises allowing students to practice and reinforce their understanding of SERPENT-2, a 3D continuous-energy Monte Carlo neutron and photon transport code, with built-in burnup calculation routine. During this training course, the NEA Data Bank implemented the first-of-a-kind training system that leveraged the power of Azure cloud and modern open-source technologies, delivering a seamless and immersive training experience. With a simple web browser, users and trainers gained access to consistent environments, eliminating the need for any software installation and ensuring maximum convenience.

For more information about the upcoming Data Bank courses, visit this page.

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