Reinforcing nuclear education and training activities


The NEA launched the Nuclear Education, Skills and Technology (NEST) Framework to help address important gaps in nuclear skills capacity building, knowledge transfer and technical innovation in an international context.

The ninth meeting of the NEST Management Board took place on 15-16 April 2024 at the NEA headquarters and online. NEA Director-General William D. Magwood, IV opened the meeting, highlighting the continued growth of the NEST Framework and welcoming the Netherlands and Poland, whose membership is due to be formalised imminently. This was also the first Management Board meeting led by the new Chair and Vice Chair, who took up these roles on 1 January 2024.

The agenda consisted of a wide range of topics and gave NEST Project leaders an opportunity to update Management Board members on developments with their projects. The members also heard a testimonial from a NEST Fellow who participated in the NEST PANDA Project in 2023 and provided resoundingly positive feedback on her experience at the Paul Scherr Institute (PSI). Additionally, partners from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), European Commission, European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN) and the NEA Global Forum on Nuclear Education, Science, Technology and Policy presented updates, which reinforced co-ordination on nuclear education and training initiatives. 

The meeting also covered efforts to expand and accelerate the reach of the NEST Framework. The Management Board discussed proposals to further enlarge the Framework, ease the launch of new NEST Projects, and broaden the definition of NEST Fellow.

The Management Board members also discussed plans for future NEST activities, including an upcoming SMR workshop that will be held at McMaster University in June 2024. There was progress made on arrangements for the first NEST Awards Ceremony, which will bring together past and present NEST Fellows to celebrate their achievements. This event is scheduled in conjunction with the 10th NEST Management Board meeting and will also commemorate the 5th anniversary of the NEST Framework.

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