NEA visits Fukushima Environmental Restoration Sites to review progress

20240606 Nagadoro Demo (7)

The Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) recently conducted a site visit to the Fukushima Environmental Restoration Sites in Japan, at the invitation of Japan's Ministry of the Environment. This visit underscores the ongoing collaboration between the NEA and Japan in addressing the aftermath of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident, with a particular focus on radioactive waste management and decommissioning.

During the visit, Rebecca Tadesse, the NEA's Head of the Division of Radioactive Waste Management and Decommissioning, visited the Ministry of the Environment's headquarters and toured the Interim Storage Facility and the Recycling Demonstration Project Area in the Nagadoro District, where she observed the significant progress made in these critical areas. These initiatives are integral components of the Fukushima Daiichi decommissioning project, which also includes extensive off-site decontamination efforts.

20240606 ISF (3)Rebecca Tadesse, the NEA's Head of the Division of Radioactive Waste Management and Decommissioning, touring Japan's Ministry of the Environment's headquarters.

The Fukushima Prefecture has faced the enormous challenge of managing large quantities of soil and waste generated from off-site decontamination activities. The Interim Storage Facility plays a crucial role in the safe and efficient management of this material, ensuring that it is stored securely until its final disposal.

During her visit, Ms. Tadesse emphasised the NEA's commitment to supporting the decommissioning of nuclear facilities worldwide. She highlighted how the NEA's expertise and collaborative efforts can significantly aid Japan in its ongoing decommissioning work and future projects.

For more information on this topic, visit the NEA’s pages on managing radioactive waste and decommissioning projects.

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