Primary CSNI reference documents

NEA/CSNI/R(1993)14 Separate effects test matrix for thermal-hydraulic code validation, Vol.1 and 2, 1994.
Also referenced as: OCDE/GD(94)82, 83

NEA/CSNI/R(1996)17 CSNI Integral test facility validation matrix for the assessment of thermal-hydraulic codes for LWR LOCA and transients, 1996.
Also referenced as: OCDE/GD(97)12

NEA/CSNI/R(2001)4 Validation Matrix for the Assessment of Thermal-Hydraulic Codes for VVER LOCA and Transients, A Report by the OECD Support Group on the VVER Thermal-Hydraulic Code Validation Matrix.

NEA/CSNI/R(2016)14 Scaling in System Thermal-Hydraulics Applications to Nuclear Reactor Safety and Design: a State-of-the-Art Report.