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IAEA1441 ZZ-POINT-2021.
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IAEA1441 ZZ-POINT-2021.

ZZ POINT-2021, ENDF/B-VIII.0 Temperature Dependent Cross Section Library

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Program name Package id Status Status date
ZZ-POINT-2021 IAEA1441/01 Arrived 30-NOV-2022

Machines used:

Package ID Orig. computer Test computer
IAEA1441/01 Many Computers
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The latest ENDF/B-VIII.0 data library was released in 2018 and is now freely available through the National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC), Brookhaven National Laboratory. This release of ENDF/B-VIII.0 completely supersedes all preceding releases of ENDF/B. Individual files and/or complete libraries can also be downloaded from:


As distributed, the original evaluated data includes cross sections represented in the form of a combination of resonance parameters and/or tabulated energy dependent cross sections, always at 0 Kelvin temperature. For use in applications, this data has been processed using the 2021 version of the ENDF/B Pre-processing codes (PREPRO2021) to produce temperature dependent, linearly interpolable in energy, tabulated cross sections, in the ENDF-6 format.


For use in applications this library has been processed into the form of temperature dependent cross sections at seven neutron reactor like temperatures, between 0 and 1800 Kelvin, in steps of 300 Kelvin (the exception being 293.6 Kelvin, for exact room temperature at 20 Celsius). It has also been processed to five astrophysics like temperatures, 1, 10, 100 eV, 1 and 10 keV. For reference purposes, 300 Kelvin is approximately 1/40 eV, so that 1 eV is approximately 12,000 Kelvin, e.g., the 0.1 eV data is the same as the 1,200 K data. At each temperature, the cross sections are tabulated and linearly interpolable in energy.


This library contains all the evaluations in the ENDF/B-VIII.0 general purpose library. Included tables summarize the contents of the ENDF/B-VIII.0 general purpose library. This library contains evaluations for 557 materials; all are isotopes of elements Z=1 through 100, but be aware that data is not necessarily included for all elements, Z = 1 through 100; see the above table for a summary.


This POINT2021 library does not contain data from special purpose ENDF/B-VIII.0 libraries, such as fission products, thermal scattering, photon interaction data. To obtain any of these special purpose libraries contact the National Nuclear Data Center, Brookhaven National Laboratory.


What’s New and Old: ENDF/B-VIII.0 versus VII

ENDF/B-VIII.0 (POINT2021) includes 557 evaluations, compared to 423 evaluations in ENDF/B-VII (POINT2015). There are 135 new evaluations included in VIII.0 which were not included in VII. 422 of the 423 evaluations from VII are included in VIII.0; the only one not included is 6-C-Nat, which has been replaced by its isotopes. Note, that with 6-C-Nat replaced by its isotopes, VIII.0 does not include any elemental mixtures.


135 New Evaluations in POINT2021 (ENDF/B-VIII.0):

Neutron; 6-C -12; 6-C -13; 8-O -18; 10-Ne-20; 10-Ne-21; 10-Ne-22; 13-Al-26m; 14-Si-31; 14-Si-32; 16-S -35; 17-Cl-36; 18-Ar-37; 18-Ar-39; 18-Ar-41; 20-Ca-41; 20-Ca-45; 20-Ca-47; 23-V -49; 24-Cr-51; 25-Mn-54; 26-Fe-55; 28-Ni-63; 29-Cu-64; 30-Zn-69; 31-Ga-70; 32-Ge-71; 32-Ge-75; 33-As-73; 34-Se-75; 34-Se-81; 35-Br-80; 36-Kr-79; 36-Kr-81; 38-Sr-85; 42-Mo-93; 43-Tc-98; 44-Ru-97; 45-Rh-104; 46-Pd-103; 46-Pd-109; 47-Ag-108; 47-Ag-112; 47-Ag-113; 47-Ag-114; 47-Ag-115; 47-Ag-116; 47-Ag-117; 47-Ag-118m; 48-Cd-107; 48-Cd-109; 49-In-114; 50-Sn-121m; 51-Sb-122; 52-Te-121; 52-Te-121m; 52-Te-131; 52-Te-131m; 53-I -128; 53-I -132; 53-I -132m; 53-I -133; 53-I -134; 54-Xe-125; 54-Xe-127; 56-Ba-131; 56-Ba-139; 58-Ce-137; 58-Ce-137m; 60-Nd-149; 61-Pm-143; 61-Pm-144; 61-Pm-145; 61-Pm-146; 61-Pm-150; 62-Sm-145; 62-Sm-146; 64-Gd-159; 65-Tb-158; 65-Tb-161; 66-Dy-154; 66-Dy-155; 66-Dy-157; 66-Dy-159; 68-Er-163; 68-Er-165; 68-Er-169; 69-Tm-171; 70-Yb-168; 70-Yb-169; 70-Yb-170; 70-Yb-171; 70-Yb-172; 70-Yb-173; 70-Yb-174; 70-Yb-175; 70-Yb-176; 72-Hf-175; 72-Hf-181; 72-Hf-182; 74-W -181; 74-W -185; 75-Re-186m; 76-Os-184; 76-Os-185; 76-Os-186; 76-Os-187; 76-Os-188; 76-Os-189; 76-Os-190; 76-Os-191; 76-Os-192; 77-Ir-192; 77-Ir-194m; 78-Pt-190; 78-Pt-191; 78-Pt-192; 78-Pt-193; 78-Pt-194; 78-Pt-195; 78-Pt-196; 78-Pt-197; 78-Pt-198; 80-Hg-197; 80-Hg-197m; 80-Hg-203; 81-Tl-204; 82-Pb-205; 83-Bi-210m; 84-Po-208; 84-Po-209; 84-Po-210; 93-Np-236m; 94-Pu-245; 98-Cf-247


423 Evaluations in POINT20115 (ENDF/B-VII) (422 in VIII.0; 6-C-Nat in RED not in VIII.0):

1-H -1; 1-H -2; 1-H -3; 2-He-3; 2-He-4; 3-Li-6; 3-Li-7; 4-Be-7; 4-Be-9; 5-B -10; 5-B -11; 6-C -Nat; 7-N -14; 7-N -15; 8-O -16; 8-O -17; 9-F -19; 11-Na-22; 11-Na-23; 12-Mg-24; 12-Mg-25; 12-Mg-26; 13-Al-27; 14-Si-28; 14-Si-29; 14-Si-30; 15-P -31; 16-S -32; 16-S -33; 16-S -34; 16-S -36; 17-Cl-35; 17-Cl-37; 18-Ar-36; 18-Ar-38; 18-Ar-40; 19-K -39; 19-K -40; 19-K -41 ; 20-Ca-40; 20-Ca-42; 20-Ca-43; 20-Ca-44; 20-Ca-46; 20-Ca-48; 21-Sc-45; 22-Ti-46; 22-Ti-47; 22-Ti-48; 22-Ti-49; 22-Ti-50; 23-V -50; 23-V -51; 24-Cr-50; 24-Cr-52; 24-Cr-53; 24-Cr-54; 25-Mn-55; 26-Fe-54; 26-Fe-56; 26-Fe-57; 26-Fe-58; 27-Co-58; 27-Co-58m; 27-Co-59; 28-Ni-58; 28-Ni-59; 28-Ni-60; 28-Ni-61; 28-Ni-62; 28-Ni-64; 29-Cu-63; 29-Cu-65; 30-Zn-64; 30-Zn-65; 30-Zn-66; 30-Zn-67; 30-Zn-68; 30-Zn-70; 31-Ga-69; 31-Ga-71; 32-Ge-70; 32-Ge-72; 32-Ge-73; 32-Ge-74; 32-Ge-76; 33-As-74; 33-As-75; 34-Se-74; 34-Se-76; 34-Se-77; 34-Se-78; 34-Se-79; 34-Se-80; 34-Se-82; 35-Br-79; 35-Br-81; 36-Kr-78; 36-Kr-80; 36-Kr-82; 36-Kr-83; 36-Kr-84; 36-Kr-85; 36-Kr-86; 37-Rb-85; 37-Rb-86; 37-Rb-87; 38-Sr-84; 38-Sr-86; 38-Sr-87; 38-Sr-88; 38-Sr-89; 38-Sr-90; 39-Y -89; 39-Y -90; 39-Y -91; 40-Zr-90; 40-Zr-91; 40-Zr-92; 40-Zr-93; 40-Zr-94; 40-Zr-95; 40-Zr-96; 41-Nb-93; 41-Nb-94; 41-Nb-95; 42-Mo-92; 42-Mo-94; 42-Mo-95; 42-Mo-96; 42-Mo-97; 42-Mo-98; 42-Mo-99; 42-Mo-100; 43-Tc-99; 44-Ru-96; 44-Ru-98; 44-Ru-99; 44-Ru-100; 44-Ru-101; 44-Ru-102; 44-Ru-103; 44-Ru-104; 44-Ru-105; 44-Ru-106; 45-Rh-103; 45-Rh-105; 46-Pd-102; 46-Pd-104; 46-Pd-105; 46-Pd-106; 46-Pd-107; 46-Pd-108; 46-Pd-110; 47-Ag-107; 47-Ag-109; 47-Ag-110m; 47-Ag-111; 48-Cd-106; 48-Cd-108; 48-Cd-110; 48-Cd-111; 48-Cd-112; 48-Cd-113; 48-Cd-114; 48-Cd-115m; 48-Cd-116; 49-In-113; 49-In-115; 50-Sn-112; 50-Sn-113; 50-Sn-114; 50-Sn-115; 50-Sn-116; 50-Sn-117; 50-Sn-118; 50-Sn-119; 50-Sn-120; 50-Sn-122; 50-Sn-123; 50-Sn-124; 50-Sn-125; 50-Sn-126; 51-Sb-121; 51-Sb-123; 51-Sb-124; 51-Sb-125; 51-Sb-126; 52-Te-120; 52-Te-122; 52-Te-123; 52-Te-124; 52-Te-125; 52-Te-126; 52-Te-127m; 52-Te-128; 52-Te-129m; 52-Te-130; 52-Te-132; 53-I -127; 53-I -129; 53-I -130; 53-I -131; 53-I -135; 54-Xe-123; 54-Xe-124; 54-Xe-126; 54-Xe-128; 54-Xe-129; 54-Xe-130; 54-Xe-131; 54-Xe-132; 54-Xe-133; 54-Xe-134; 54-Xe-135; 54-Xe-136; 55-Cs-133; 55-Cs-134; 55-Cs-135; 55-Cs-136; 55-Cs-137; 56-Ba-130; 56-Ba-132; 56-Ba-133; 56-Ba-134; 56-Ba-135; 56-Ba-136; 56-Ba-137; 56-Ba-138; 56-Ba-140; 57-La-138; 57-La-139; 57-La-140; 58-Ce-136; 58-Ce-138; 58-Ce-139; 58-Ce-140; 58-Ce-141; 58-Ce-142; 58-Ce-143; 58-Ce-144; 59-Pr-141; 59-Pr-142; 59-Pr-143; 60-Nd-142; 60-Nd-143; 60-Nd-144; 60-Nd-145; 60-Nd-146; 60-Nd-147; 60-Nd-148; 60-Nd-150; 61-Pm-147; 61-Pm-148; 61-Pm-148m; 61-Pm-149; 61-Pm-151; 62-Sm-144; 62-Sm-147; 62-Sm-148; 62-Sm-149; 62-Sm-150; 62-Sm-151; 62-Sm-152; 62-Sm-153; 62-Sm-154; 63-Eu-151; 63-Eu-152; 63-Eu-153; 63-Eu-154; 63-Eu-155; 63-Eu-156; 63-Eu-157; 64-Gd-152; 64-Gd-153; 64-Gd-154; 64-Gd-155; 64-Gd-156; 64-Gd-157; 64-Gd-158; 64-Gd-160; 65-Tb-159; 65-Tb-160; 66-Dy-156; 66-Dy-158; 66-Dy-160; 66-Dy-161; 66-Dy-162; 66-Dy-163; 66-Dy-164; 67-Ho-165; 67-Ho-166m; 68-Er-162; 68-Er-164; 68-Er-166; 68-Er-167; 68-Er-168; 68-Er-170; 69-Tm-168; 69-Tm-169; 69-Tm-170; 71-Lu-175; 71-Lu-176; 72-Hf-174; 72-Hf-176; 72-Hf-177; 72-Hf-178; 72-Hf-179; 72-Hf-180; 73-Ta-180; 73-Ta-181; 73-Ta-182; 74-W -180; 74-W -182; 74-W -183; 74-W -184; 74-W -186; 75-Re-185; 75-Re-187; 77-Ir-191; 77-Ir-193; 79-Au-197; 80-Hg-196; 80-Hg-198; 80-Hg-199; 80-Hg-200; 80-Hg-201; 80-Hg-202; 80-Hg-204; 81-Tl-203; 81-Tl-205; 82-Pb-204; 82-Pb-206; 82-Pb-207; 82-Pb-208; 83-Bi-209; 88-Ra-223; 88-Ra-224; 88-Ra-225; 88-Ra-226; 89-Ac-225; 89-Ac-226; 89-Ac-227; 90-Th-227; 90-Th-228; 90-Th-229; 90-Th-230; 90-Th-231; 90-Th-232; 90-Th-233; 90-Th-234; 91-Pa-229; 91-Pa-230; 91-Pa-231; 91-Pa-232; 91-Pa-233; 92-U -230; 92-U -231; 92-U -232; 92-U -233; 92-U -234; 92-U -235; 92-U -236; 92-U -237; 92-U -238; 92-U -239; 92-U -240; 92-U -241; 93-Np-234; 93-Np-235; 93-Np-236; 93-Np-237; 93-Np-238; 93-Np-239; 94-Pu-236; 94-Pu-237; 94-Pu-238; 94-Pu-239; 94-Pu-240; 94-Pu-241; 94-Pu-242; 94-Pu-243 ; 94-Pu-244; 94-Pu-246; 95-Am-240; 95-Am-241; 95-Am-242; 95-Am-242m; 95-Am-243; 95-Am-244; 95-Am-244m; 96-Cm-240; 96-Cm-241; 96-Cm-242; 96-Cm-243; 96-Cm-244; 96-Cm-245; 96-Cm-246; 96-Cm-247; 96-Cm-248; 96-Cm-249; 96-Cm-250; 97-Bk-245; 97-Bk-246; 97-Bk-247; 97-Bk-248; 97-Bk-249; 97-Bk-250; 98-Cf-246; 98-Cf-248; 98-Cf-249; 98-Cf-250; 98-Cf-251; 98-Cf-252; 98-Cf-253; 98-Cf-254; 99-Es-251; 99-Es-252; 99-Es-253; 99-Es-254; 99-Es-254m; 99-Es-255; 100-Fm-255;


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Since there have not been any changes in the ENDF/B-VIII.0 evaluations between the last version of this report, where the PREPRO2017 codes were used, and the current version, where the PREPRO2021 codes were used, there has been a major re-write to improve the ENDF/B Pre-processing codes (PREPRO). The improvements were both in terms of improving the basic methods used by the codes and in terms of incorporating the latest ENDF-6 Formats and Procedures used by the current evaluations. The result is more accurate cross section data throughout the POINT2021 library; more accurate and only about 1/3 the size of earlier POINT data libraries.


The improved order used by PREPRO2021 codes to produce POINT2021) is:

  1. Convert all data to a FORTRAN, C and C++ compatible format (ENDF2C)

  2. Convert to Linearly interpolable, tabulated energy dependent cross sections (LINEAR)

  3. Add the resonance contribution to cross sections (RECENT)

  4. Doppler broaden all cross sections to each temperature (SIGMA1)

  5. Check data, define redundant cross sections by summation (FIXUP)

  6. Update evaluation dictionary in MF/MT=1/451 (DICTIN)


The result is linearly interpolable in energy, tabulated, temperature dependent cross sections, in the simple text ENDF-6 format, ready to be used in applications.

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Due to changes in ENDF-6 Formats and Procedures only the latest version of the ENDF/B Pre-processing codes, namely PREPRO2021, can be used to accurately process all current ENDF/B-VIII.0 evaluations. If any earlier versions of these codes are used, the results can be inaccurate/unpredictable.


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The PREPRO 2021 codes run on virtually any computer, and are available on-line from the Nuclear Data Section, IAEA, Vienna, Austria,

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Package ID Status date Status
IAEA1441/01 30-NOV-2022 Masterfiled Arrived
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  • POINT 2003: A Temperature Dependent ENDF/B-VI, Release 8, Cross Section Library, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA (US), UCRL-ID-127776-Rev-2, May 2003.

  • POINT 2004: A Temperature Dependent ENDF/B-VI, Release 8, Cross Section Library, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, UCRL-TR-202284, April 2004.

  • POINT 2007: A Temperature Dependent ENDF/B-VII.0 Data Cross Section Library, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, UCRL-TR-228089, February 2007.

  • POINT 2009:Temperature Dependent ENDF/B-VII.0 data Cross Section Library, June 2009 (unpublished report); see for a copy

  • POINT 2011: A Temperature ENDF/B-VII.0 data Cross Section Library, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, UCRL-TR-479947, rev. 1, May 2011.

  • POINT 2015: ENDF/B-VII.1 Final Temperature Dependent Cross Section Library, IAEA NDS-221, IAEA, Vienna, Austria, March 2015.

  • POINT 2018: ENDF/B-VIII.0 Final Temperature Dependent Cross Section Library, IAEA NDS-227, IAEA, Vienna, Austria, April 2018.

  • ENDF/B-VIII.0: The 8th Major Release of the Nuclear Reaction Data Library with CIELO-project Cross Sections, New Standards and Thermal Scattering Data, D.A.Brown, Nucl. Data Sheets 148 (2021) 1-142.

  • ENDF-102: ENDF-6 Formats Manual: Data Formats and Procedures for the Evaluated Nuclear Data Files ENDF/B-VI, ENDF/B-VII and ENDF/B-VIII.0, BNL-203218-2021-INRE, Rev. 215, Feb. 2021, edited by A. Trkov, M. Herman and D. A. Brown, National Nuclear Data Center, Brookhaven National Lab.

  • PREPRO2017: 2017 ENDF/B Pre-processing Codes, IAEA-NDS-39, Rev. 17, May 2017,  

  • PREPRO2021: 2021 ENDF/B Pre-processing Codes, IAEA-NDS-0238 July 14, 2021

  • Exact Doppler Broadening of Tabulated Cross Sections, D.E. Cullen and C.R. Weisbin, Nucl. Scie. Eng. 60 (1976) 199.

  • Nuclear Cross Section Processing, in: Handbook of Nuclear Reactor Calculations, Vol. I, Y. Ronen (Ed.), CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida, 1986.

  • Nuclear Data Preparation, in: Handbook of Nuclear Engineering, Vol. 1, D.G. Cacuci (Ed.), Springer, Boston, 2010, pp. 279-425.

  • THERMAL: A Routine Designed to Calculate Neutron Thermal Scattering, by D.E. Cullen, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, UCRL-ID-120560-Rev-1, Sept. 1995.

  • TART 2016: An Overview of a Coupled Neutron-Photon 3-D, Combinatorial Geometry Time Dependent Monte Carlo Transport Code, Report: LLNL-SM-704560, Code Release: LLNL-CODE-708759, September 2016.

IAEA1441/01, included references:
- Dermott E. Cullen:
POINT2021: ENDF/B-VIII.0 Temperature Dependent Cross Section Library
IAEA-NDS-0237 (May 2021)
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The entire library requires approximately 9 gigabytes of storage in uncompressed form; once compressed the data requires roughly 2 to 3 gigabytes.

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No specified programming language
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Dermott E. Cullen

National Nuclear Data Center, BNL, USA (alumnus)

Nuclear Data Section, IAEA, Vienna, Austria (alumnus)

University of California, LLNL, USA (retired)

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A copy of this report in PDF formats.
MERGER     - PREPRO/MERGER utility code to merge ENDF data.
MF4to99    - Temperature Independent Data
ENDF2C     - The original ENDF/B data after being processed by ENDF2C.
0K         - 0 Kelvin cross sections
293.6K     - 293.6 Kelvin cross sections
600K       - 600 Kelvin cross sections
900K       - 900 Kelvin cross sections
1200K      - 1200 Kelvin cross sections
1500K      - 1500 Kelvin cross sections
1800K      - 1800 Kelvin cross sections
1eV        - 1 eV cross sections (physically the same as 1200 K data)
10eV       - 10 eV cross sections
100eV      - 100 eV cross sections
1keV       - 1 keV cross sections
10keV      - 10 keV cross sections
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  • Z. Data

Keywords: ENDF-B/VIII.0, ENDF/B, cross-sections, evaluated data.