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IRPhE/RRR-SEG, Reactor Physics Experiments from Fast-Thermal Coupled Facility

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IRPHE/RRR-SEG NEA-1713/01 Arrived 28-NOV-2003

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The RRR-SEG-experiments have been performed to check neutron data of the most important reactor materials, especially of fission product nuclides, fuel isotopes and structural materials. The measured central reactivity worths (CRW) of small samples were compared with calculated values. These C/E-ratios have been used then for data corrections or in adjustment procedures.
The reactor RRG-SEG (at RC Rossendorf / Germany) was a fast-thermal coupled facility of zero power. The annular thermal drivers were filled by fuel assemblies and moderated by water. The inner insertion lattices were loaded with pellets of fuel and other materials producing the fast neutron flux. The characteristics of the neutron and adjoint spectra were obtained by special arrangements of these pellets in unit cells. In this way, a hard or soft neutron spectrum or a special energy behavior of the adjoint function could be reached. The samples were moved by means of tubes to the central position (pile-oscillation technique). The original information about the facility and measurements is compiled in Note Technique SPRC/LEPh/93-230 (SEG)
The SEG experiments are considered "clean" integral experiments, simple and clear in geometry and well suited for calculation. In all SEG configurations only a few materials were used, most of these were standards. Due to the designed adjoint function (energy-independent or monotonously rising), the capture or scattering effect was dominant, convenient to check separately capture or scattering data.
At first, analyses of the experiments have been performed in Rossendorf. Newer analyses were done later in Cadarache / CEA France using the European scheme for reactor calculation JEF-2.2 / ECCO / ERANOS (see Note Techniques and JEF/DOC-746). Furthermore, re-analyses were performed in O-arai / JNC Japan with the JNC standard route JENDL-3.2 / SLAROM / CITATION / PERKY. Results obtained with both code systems and different data evaluations (JEF-2.2 and JENDL-3.2) are compared in JEF/DOC-861.
It contains the following documents:
Technical Notes - Cadarache:
- K. Dietze, The Rossendorf RRR/SEG-Facility (Documentation), Note Technique SPRC/LEPH/93-230
- K. Dietze, G. Rimpault, Analysis of Sample Reactivity Measurements in the RRR/SEG-5 Configuration with the JEF-2 Nuclear Data Base, Note Technique SPRC/LEH/93-237
- K. Dietze, G. Rimpault, Reanalysis of the SEG-6 Experiments using the scheme, JEF2/ECCO/ERANOS, Note Technique SPRC/LEPH/94-206
- K. Dietze, G. Rimpault, Integral Test of JEF-2 self-shielding data using the JEF2/ECCO/ERANOS scheme, Note Technique SPRC/LEPH/94/220
- G. Rimpault, S. Rahlfs, K. Dietze, Evaluation de l'effet Doppler dans les Coeurs CAPRA et Experiences Necessaires pour sa Qualification, Note Technique SPRC/LEPH/94/200
- K. Dietze, G. Rimpault, An Analysis of Sample Reactivity Measurements in the Rossendorf SEG Configurations using the JEF-2 Data Base, JEF/DOC-451
- E. Fort, K. Dietze, Validation of Iron and Structural Materials Data of JEF-2, JEF-2 Working Group Meeting on Benchmark Testing, Data Processing and Evaluations, Paris
- K. Dietze, M. Ishikawa, G. Rimpault, Integral Test of Neutron Data and Comparison of Codes by Re-analysis of the SEG and STEK,
Experiments Submitted to the JEFF Working Group Meeting, Aix-en-Provence, JEFF / DOC - 861
- M. Salvatores, K. Dietze, Integral Test of JEF-2 by C/E-ratios, Contribution to the SG10 Final Report, SG10 Final Report
- K. Dietze, W. Hansen, G. Huettel, H. Kumpf, E. Lehmann, D. Richter, Neutron data check by sample reactivity measurements in critical assemblies with predetermined adjoint spectra, Int.Conf. on Nuclear Data for Sci. and Techn. Julich, Proc. p.198
- K. Dietze, E. Fort, S. Rahlfs, G. Rimpault, M. Salvatores, JEF-2 Data Check by Reanalysis of the ROSSENDORF Experiments in Reactor Configurations with Specially Designed Adjoint Spectra, Int. Conf on Nucl. Data for Sci. and Techn., Gatlinburg, Proc. Vol.2, p.789
- M. Kawai, S. Chiba, T. Nakagawa, Y .Nakajima, T. Watanabe, A. Zukeran, M. Salvatores, K. Dietze, H. Gruppelaar, A. Hogenbirk, R. Q. Wrightt, R. E. Schenter, NEANSC International Evaluation Cooperation SG10 Activities on Inelastic Scattering Cross-Sections for Weakly Absorbing Fission Product Nuclides, Int. Conf. on Nucl. Data for Sci. and Techn., Gatlinburg
- K. Dietze, Integral test of FPND by reactivity measurements in reactor configurations with specially designed adjoint spectra, Invited paper, NEA NSC Specialists Meeting on Fission Product, Nuclear Data, 25-27 May 1992, JAERI/Japan, NEA/NSC/DOC(92) 9, 1992, p.404, FZR Preprint 92-02, Rossendorf
Publications and Reports:
- K. Dietze, K. Faehrmann, G. Huettel, E. Lehmann, Neutron data check for structural materials by reactivity measurements in a fast facility with energy-independent adjoint flux, Kernenergie 29/11 p. 401
- K. Dietze, K. Faehrrnann, G. Huettel, W. Hansen, H. Kumpf, E. Lehmann, Neutron absorption data analysis by means of integral experiments in special fast critical facilities, Kerntechnik 53/2 p.143
- K. Dietze, H. Kumpf, Eine Analyse der Kerndaten von Spaltprodukten durch Reak-tivitaetsmessungen in schnellen Reaktorkonfigurationen mit energieunabhangiger Einflussfunktion, Kemenergie 34/1
- K. Dietze, Integral Test of JENDL-3.2 Data by Analysis of Sample Reactivity Measurements in Fast Critical Facilities
- K. Dietze, Integral Test of JENDL-3.2 Data by Re-analysis of Sample Reactivity Measurements at SEG and STEK Facilities, JAERI-Conf-2001-006, INDC(JPN)-188/U
- List of FP samples used in SEG experiments,
- E. Lehmann, D. Albert, K. Dietze, K. Faehrmann, W. Hansen, G. Huettel, H. Wand, B. Osmera, Ergebnisse der Untersuchung einer schnellen Reaktorkonfiguration mit stark heterogener Zellstruktur, Report ZfK Rossendorf, ZfK-540
- E. Lehmann, K. Dietze, K. Faehrmnann, G. Huettel, H. Kumpf, Ergebnisse von Probenreaktivitaetsmessungen von Konstruktionsmaterialien und Spaltproduktnukliden in den schnellen kritischen Anordnungen SEG-IV und SEG-V, Report ZfK Rossendorf, ZfK-656
- E. Lehmann, W. Hansen, G. Huettel, H. Kumpf, D. Richter, Investigations in a fast reactor assembly with a strongly energy-independent adjoint function, Report ZfK Rossendorf, ZfK-729
- S. M. Lumbanraja, Analysis of sample reactivity measurements in the Rossendorf SEG-7 configuration, Report INPG / DEA Energetique Physique
- K. Faehrmann, G. Huettel, P. Liewers, Die Bestimmung von Reaktivitaets- und Pseudoreaktivitaetsstoerungen in verschiedenen Konfigurationen des Rossendorfer Ringzonenreaktors, Teil 1, Kernenergie 13/3 p.11
- K. Faehrmann, Die Bestimmung von Reaktivitaets- und Pseudoreaktivitaetsstoerungen in verschiedenen Konfigurationen des Rossendorfer Ringzonenreaktors, Teil 2, Kernenergie 13/3 p. 81
- K. Faehrmann, G. Huettel, H. Krause, Das schnelle Einsatzgitter (SEG) im Rossendorfer Ringzonenreaktor (RRR), Kernenergie 17/3 p. 70
- G. Huettel, H. Krause, Ein pneumatisches Steuerungssystem fuer schnelle vertikale Rechteckbewegungen groesserer Lasten, Kernenergie 18/11 p. 336
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- K. Dietze, K. Faehrmann, G. Huettel, H. Kumpf, E. Lehmann, Einschaetzung der Kerndaten fuer den Einfang im Kadmium mittels integraler Experimente, Kernenergie 28/2 p. 75
- E. Lehmann, K. Faehrmann, G. Huettel, H. Krause, H. Kumpf, The Method of Energy-Independent Adjoint Flux and its Perfection by the SEG-5 Configuration, Kernenergie 29/1 p. 30
- E. Lehmann, G. Huettel, H. Krause, H. Kumpf, A Fast Critical Reactor Assembly with Strong Energy Dependence of Adjoint Flux, Kernenergie 34/1 p. 9
- K. Faehrmann, K.-D. Hedderich, G. Huettel, Die Bestimmung integraler Material- und Reaktorparameter im SEG-I, Kernenergie 19/1 p.17
- K. Faehrmann, K.-D. Hedderich, G. Huettel, Die Bestimmung integraler Material- und Reaktorparameter im SEG-II, Kernenergie 19/12 p.375
- D. Albert, W. Hansen, W. Vogel, Untersuchungen des Neutronenspektrums an der schnellen Einsatzgitteranordnung SEG-I, Kernenergie 19/12 p.379
JNC Reports:
- K. Dietze, Analysis of the Rossendorf SEG Experiments Using the JNC Route for Reactor Calculations, Report JNC TN 94000 99-089
- K. Dietze, Integral Test of JENDL-3.2 Data by Re-analysis of Sample Reactivity Measurements at Fast Critical Facilities, Report JNC Oarai, JNC TN 94000 2001-043
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IRPHE/STEK experiments.
STEK and RRR-SEG were similar in construction. The main differences between them consist in the construction materials and geometry of pellets; i.e., stainless steel and square pellets in STEK, but pure aluminum for the cylindrical SEG and oscillation tube and circular pellets.
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NEA-1713/01 28-NOV-2003 Masterfiled restricted
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      Dr. Frank-Peter WEISS, Dr. Klaus DIETZE    
      Institute for Safety Research
      Research Center Rossendorf
      P.O. Box 51 01 19
      D-01314 DRESDEN
      Dr. Robert JACQMIN
      CEA Cadarache
      DEN/SER/SPRC/LEPH - Bat 230
      F-13108 St.-Paul-lez-Durance
      Dr. Makoto ISHIKAWA
      Reactor Physics Research Group
      JNC, O-arai Engineering Center
      4002 Narita-cho, Oarai-machi
      Ibaraki-ken 311-1393
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