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NEA-1823 ICRS1.
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NEA-1823 ICRS1.

ICRS1, Proceedings of the First Radiation Shielding Symposium, Cambridge, UK 1958

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The papers of the European Atomic Energy Society Symposium VI-58 on RADIATION SHIELDING (ICRS1) held at Caius College, Cambridge England from 26 to 29 August 1958 are collected here for the first time in electronic form.


This symposium was organised in connection with the Second Atoms for Peace Conference held in Geneva Held in Geneva from 1 to 13 September 1958. The Topics discussed covered gamma rays and neutron radiation; the methods discussed were analytical approaches, semi-empirical methods, simple computer codes, Monte Carlo method. Little quality nuclear data for shielding calculations was available and the presentations would concentrate on removal cross-sections and build-up factors . Experimental techniques in support to estimate the effective shielding properties of materials were discussed such as general experimental shielding techniques and experiments on neutron attenuation in different materials and on concrete as shield. Foil detectors for spectra measurements and determination of dose rates were mainly used. The typical issues addressed were gamma-heating, gamma spectra, neutron induced gammas, fission products gamma spectra, skyshine radiation and neutron ducts - streaming.


Most participants were researchers from the naval and aeronautics sector.

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NEA-1823/01 30-APR-2008 Tested at NEADB
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NEA-1823/01, included references:
- F. A. Aschenbrenner (GE):
Influence Functions Useful in the Analysis of Complex Shields
- Martin J. Berger (NBS):
Recent Gamma Ray Shielding Work at the National Bureau of Standards
- Everitt  P. Blizard (ORNL):
Recent Investigations of Concrete as a Reactor Shield
- Harold S. Davis (GE) and Orville E. Borge (NPDL):
High-Density Concrete Made with Hydrous-Iron Aggregates
- J.A.L. Bourgeois (CEA):
Calcul et mesure de sections de deplacement pour des neutrons de fission et des
neutrons de 7 MeV. (Calculation and measurement of removal cross section for
fission neutrons and neutrons of 7 MeV):
- C. E. Clifford (ORNL):
Experimental Shielding Techniques Used at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
- C. Cooper (AERE Harwell), J. D. Jones (AERE Harwell), C. C. Horton (RRL):
A Semi-Empirical Interpretation of Neutron Measurements in Iron/Water
Multilayer Shields
- Harold S. Davis (GE):
High-Density Concrete for Shielding Atomic Energy Plants
- Harold S. Davis (GE):
Thermal Considerations in the Design of Concrete Shields
- J. B. Eggen, R. L. French and A. Reetz, Jr. (General Dynamics):
Calculations of Fast Neutron Spectra and Dose Rates
- R. L. French (General Dynamics):
Reactor Shield Penetrations
- R. L. French (General Dynamics):
Reactor Shield Heating Calculations for Gamma-rays
- R.. M. Fryar and E. G. Peterson (GE):
A Summary of Neutron Attenuation in Materials Tested at Hanford
- M. Grotenhuis (ANL):
Prediction of Neutron Flux from First Principles and Comparison with Experiment
- J. Juliens (SCK-CEN):
Calculation of Skyshine Radiation
- F. L. Keller (ORNL):
Neutron-induced Gamma Rays in Air
- P. Lafore (CEA):
Apercu general des travaux theoriques sur la diffusion et l'attenuation des
neutrons rapides. Application de la methode de Monte-Carlo a l'attenuation des
neutrons dans l'eau (General overview of theoretical studies concerning the
scattering and attenuation of fast neutrons. Use of the Monte Carlo method for
neutron attenuation in water)
- F. C. Maienschein, H. W. Peelle, T. A. Love, W. Zobel (ORNL):
Energy Spectra of Fission-Associated Gamma Radiation
- J. Moteff (GE):
The Use of Threshold and Resonance Foils for Neutron Spectrum Determinations
- J. Rastoin (CEA):
Methodes de mesure de spectre de neutrons (Methods for neutron spectra
- Matts Roos (ABA Stockholm):
GARLIC, a shielding program for GAmma Radiation from LIne- and Cylinder-sources
- Matts Roos (ABA Stockholm):
Sources of Gamma Radiation in a Reactor Core
- R. D. Schamberger (ARL):
Neutron Ducting
- J. F. Scoles (General Dynamics):
Fission Product Gamma Ray Spectra
- L. C. Thompson and C. F. Cook (General Dynamics):
A Method for Calculating Average Neutron Capture Cross Sections
- F. De Vathaire (CEA):
Etude experimentale de l'attenuation des neutrons dans differents materiaux de
protection (Experimental investigation on neutron attenuation in different
shielding materials)
- M. B. Wells (General Dynamics):
The Scattering of Neutrons and Gamma Rays in Air and Ground
- H. Wijker (N.V. KEMA, Netherlands):
Some Notes on the Use of Some Approximate Formula's for Gamma Ray Buildup
- Enrico Sartori:
Presentation at ICRS11 celebrating the 50th Anniversary of ICRS1
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The gathering of these papers was possible through the generous  action of:
Dr. Hans-Jurgen Goebelbecker
Leiter der Hauptabteilung Bibliothek und Medien
Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH
Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1
76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen

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Papers of the European Atomic Energy Society Symposium VI-58 on RADIATION
SHIELDING (ICRS1), Caius College, Cambridge England from 26-29 August 1958
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