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NEA-1860 IFPE/IFA-519.9.
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NEA-1860 IFPE/IFA-519.9.

IFPE/IFA-519.9, Three PWR rods irradiated to 90 MWd/kg UO2

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Program name Package id Status Status date
IFPE/IFA-519.9 NEA-1860/02 Arrived 03-NOV-2020

Machines used:

Package ID Orig. computer Test computer
NEA-1860/02 Many Computers
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Three rods were irradiated in IFA-429 to approximately 26-29 MWd/kgUO2 were instrumented with bellows type pressure transducers for monitoring in-pile fission gas release by measuring the rod internal pressure. They were irradiated in the Halden rig IFA-519.9.


Rod DC was irradiated in the upper cluster and rods DH and DK were irradiated in the lower cluster of this assembly in IFA-429. The average linear heat rate during the irradiation was below 20kW/m. At this low power, fission gas was accumulated within the matrix without perceptible release. This was confirmed during re-instrumentation since no change in pressure was measurable from the initial fill pressure. The burn-up archived at the end of IFA-429 was approximately 28.7 MWd/kgUO2 for rod DC, 25.9 MWd/kgUO2 for rod DH, and 28.9 MWd/kgUO2 for rod DK.


The rods in IFA-519.9 were re-instrumented with bellows type pressure transducers so that fission gas release could be monitored from measurements of the rod internal pressure during irradiation. However, In-pile data were only available for rods DH and DK because the fission gas release could not be monitored for rod DC since there has been no open connection between the instrumented part with the pressure transducer and the fuel stack. Rods had different combinations of the grain size and the pellet-cladding gap to compare the difference in behaviour of the three rods. They were irradiated at a power level of around 40kW/m and the burn-up archived at the end of IFA-519.9 was performed approximately 90MWd/kgUO2.


After irradiation in IFA-519.9, PIE was performed on rods DC, DH and DK at Kjeller to obtain information on the effect of the design parameters on fission product distribution, fission gas release and dimensional changes causing PCMI. Rod DC was punctured both in the instrumentation and in the fuel rod plenum.


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Package ID Status date Status
NEA-1860/02 03-NOV-2020 Masterfiled restricted
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  • K. Lassmann, J. van de Laar: A new Data-Condensation Method based on Multidimensional Minimisation, Technical Report JRC-ITU-TN-2001/32, 2001

  • K. Lassmann, J. van de Laar: "A new Data-Condensation Method Based on Multidimensional Minimisation", KERNTECHNIK 69 (2004) 21-25

NEA-1860/02, included references:
- J.A. Turnbull: Concluding report on three PWR rods irradiated to 90 MWd/kgUO2
in IFA519.9: Analysis of measurements obtained in-pile and by PIE
(Documentation - HWR-668, January 2001)
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OECD Halden Reactor Project

Institutt for Energiteknikk

P.O. Box 173

1751 Halden



Compilation: T. Tverberg / S. Koike


These data have been released within the FUMEX-III project.

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429-SUM.txt                 Summary of base irradiation in IFA-429
IFA-519.9-Summary.pdf       Description of the irradiation
PRE-CHAR-519-9.txt          Pre-characterization data
IFA-429-BASE-HIST-DC.DAT    Base irradiation histories in IFA-429, rod DC
IFA-429-BASE-HIST-DH.DAT    Base irradiation histories in IFA-429, rod DH
IFA-429-BASE-HIST-DK.DAT    Base irradiation histories in IFA-429, rod DK
IFA-519.9-HIST-DC.DAT       Base irradiation histories in IFA-519.9, rod DC
IFA-519.9-HIST-DH.DAT       Base irradiation histories in IFA-519.9, rod DH
IFA-519.9-HIST-DK.DAT       Base irradiation histories in IFA-519.9, rod DK
519.9-TFDB.dat              Full uncondensed irradiation history of IFA-519-9
519.9-TFDB-varlist.txt      Variables included in the data file 519-9-TFDB.dat
IFA-519-9-PIE.txt           Description of the irradiation
README-519-9.TXT            Readme
IFA-519.9-QAREP.pdf         QA report
fig1-429-profiles.pdf       IFA-429: Axial power distribution figure
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  • Y. Integral Experiments Data, Databases, Benchmarks

Keywords: burnup, diffusion, experimental data, fission gas release, fuels, modelling, post-irradiation examination.