International Fuel Performance Experiments (IFPE) database

The public domain database on nuclear fuel performance experiments for the purpose of code development and validation

Database request

To request individual IFPE packages:

  1. Click the link to see integral experiment data from the IFPE database. This will provide a list of all available package identification numbers, their program names and full titles.
  2. Click on any package number (NEA-xxxx) that you wish to review in further detail. This will take you to the abstract page for that package.
  3. From the abstract page, under Section 2, the program names are further links to the request form for that package.
  4. Filling out these request forms will start an automated request process. Notice of request acknowledgment and approval are automatically sent via email. The data will be sent by optical media via mail, or via FTP download (if possible and so requested).

To request all IFPE packages at once:

Perform the above process for a single package, but include as a comment, or separate email (to ), that all IFPE packages are required.


For any information related to IFPE (database request, feedback, submission of new data) please contact .